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Veronica, New York

Finding the Right Roommate

When searching for a roommate, you are looking for someone clean, considerate, trustworthy and that you can get along with. Sound hard? That’s because it is! Good roommates are hard to come by. There’s no easy way to put it, but with careful planning and a good resource you can do it. First thing you need to do is write down the most important attributes your dream roommate has. Maybe they are clean, pay on time and bring good looking friends around. Whatever is important to you write them down.

Next, put your feelers out there. Talk to your friends and neighbors to find out if they know anyone that would fit your mold. You can also use roommate finders like EasyRoommate.com. EasyRoommate.com provides full profiles and pictures of people looking for rooms to rent in the United States and abroad. Whatever you use to find people, the most important step is to interview your candidates. Get a feel for what their likes and dislikes are. Do they like to party all night on a Tuesday or do they keep to themselves? Will you enjoy their company on a daily basis? Ask detailed questions about their lives. If you don’t do this during the interview process you may find out the hard way when they live with you!

Ask them to invest in rental insurance. This way, you are both financially protected if a catastrophe struck and you both lost everything. Rental insurance will reimburse you for your lost items so that you can pick up where you left off without a large financial burden. Lastly, create a binding rental agreement. Stipulate how much rent is, the length of the lease and what their responsibilities are while living at the property. This is important so that there are no hard feelings when it’s time to do certain chores or collect rent payment. Taking these steps will help you have a good experience with your roommates and be financially protected in the process.