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Veronica, New York

My Responsibility or the Landlords?

So, you’ve found a condo or apartment and you are ready to call it home, what's next? Even seasoned renters are sometimes unaware of what kind of legal duties they have as a tenant. What should you expect from your landlord? Most aspects of landlord tenant law are common sense. As a tenant, you should adhere to the terms of the lease. If you agree to a no-pets clause, you must adhere to a no-pets clause. Tenants should keep the apartment or condo in generally the same shape it was when they moved in. General wear and tear is to be expected; destruction of cabinetry or flooring is not. Your landlord should recognize that although they own the property, it is your home and as such they should give generous notice when they need to enter the property. Generally, this is 24 hours.

Property owners are obligated to provide a habitable residence that complies with all local building codes and ordinances. Common areas are to be maintained and well lit. Properly working plumbing and electricity are to be provided and any repairs are to be made in a timely fashion. If there is a problem, renters should be notified in writing.

What the owner will not be responsible for are the home contents. It is a good idea for an owner to notify their renters in writing that they need rental property insurance. Rental insurance is essential because homeowner's insurance policies do not cover a renter's personal property in the event of any kind of damage or theft.

As you can imagine re-purchasing everything you own would get expensive quickly. Renters insurance will make it possible to replace your entire home contents. Rental insurance is ultimately the renter’s responsibility and failure to secure a policy will result in loss of the home contents and no recourse against the property owner. Some renters are reluctant to get rental property insurance because they mistakenly believe it is expensive and complicated to obtain. In reality renters insurance is very affordable and easy to obtain. For so little money and effort, you can be certain that your personal property would be replaced. Entering your zip code above and filling out the short form will provide you with free rental insurance quotes for policies that cover your personal needs.