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Veronica, New York

Off Campus Housing

Your first foray into off campus housing can be an exciting experience. Your first apartment to decorate as you please without a strange dorm roommate arguing over who gets to decorate the bathroom. Living off campus gives you a lot of freedoms that the dorms don't. The best part is getting to pick which area of town to live in and what kind of place you want to rent. Do you want an apartment in a building where a lot of your friends are living? Maybe you want a funky old house with a giant basement to throw parties in? In an effort to help college student everywhere, we have prepared an off campus housing checklist that is sure to keep you from falling into roommate purgatory for the length of your lease.

  • Screen your roommate(s) extensively - You don't want a repeat of your weird dorm roommate.
  • Party proof your place - Pick an area that is indestructible for the good times.
  • Have designated quiet time - You will avoid a host of arguments with your roommate.
  • Secure your valuables in your room - You wouldn't want your laptop to go missing now!
  • Split bills evenly - Make sure everyone contributes evenly to expenses.
  • Set personal boundaries - Be respectful when your roommate has "special" time with someone.
  • Clean up after your furry friend - No one wants a squishy surprise late at night.
  • Designate a cleaning schedule - Clean up after your late night bites.
  • Leave their crush alone - Nothing spells disaster like a roommate affair!
  • Pay rent on time - Getting evicted and living on the street is no way to spend a semester.
  • Being out on your own is exciting but there are some safety issues to keep in mind. In general, university areas are known for petty theft. There are tons of Police reports filled out for stolen bikes and backpacks. When looking into potential rental units pay attention to locks and windows. Make sure they are not old or broken and when you move in, remember to use them! Knowing what steps to take when moving into a new place can make a huge difference in your experience at your new place. It is also a good idea to check out the surrounding area in general. Most local newspapers now have online crime maps so you can see exactly what to look out for in your particular neighborhood. Something else to consider is whether you want a quiet neighborhood as opposed to a more social neighborhood. Sometimes a rowdy neighborhood sounds fun but when you are trying to study on a Tuesday night and there is a party going on next door you may have regrets.

    Wherever you decide to lay your head for the semester you might want to think about rental insurance. If you are a renter, the landlord's homeowners insurance will not cover your stuff in the event of a natural disaster or burglary. That means if there's a fire you are stuck replacing your books and expensive computer equipment all by yourself!

    No matter how safe the town where your off campus housing is located it's wise to take the right precautions to make sure your possessions are covered. Rental Insurance is incredibly affordable and can be easily obtained online. Taking this small precaution can be a total lifesaver. Can you imagine what it would cost to replace your books, electronics, clothing and bike? And that's not even all you own! It's so easy, by answering a few quick questions you can get a quote that fits your needs. A few minutes now can make a huge difference later.