“I lost all of my belongings in an apartment fire last year. RentalInsurance.org got me a cheap plan that covered all my stuff. I never have to worry about losing my things again!”

Veronica, New York

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Kansas Renters Insurance

There are many people renting their house or apartment in Kansas and because of the recent changes to renters insurance, they don’t know what the best option is. Kansas renters insurance is a necessity for people renting an apartment, condo, home, or trailer. The Kansas Department of Insurance has been working to make it easy and affordable to obtain.

One of the biggest misconceptions renters have when renting a property is that their landlord’s homeowners insurance covers the contents of the home. Unfortunately, this is false. Landlord’s homeowners policies only protect the structure of the home; not your belongings inside of it. If wind, fire, ice, or snow damages his building, your belongings will not be covered. It is important to know your tenant responsibilities in order to keep a good relationship with the landlord. Cover what responsibilities are yours and which are the landlords, such as the structure of the property. Renters insurance is so easy to obtain, there is no reason that tenants in Kansas should go another day without having their items protected. No matter if you live in Wichita, Manhattan or Lawrence you can find a policy that's right for your situation. The average tenant cannot afford to totally replace a laptop, TV, PC and a smart phone, if they were to be stolen. Look around your home. Would you be able to replace all of your stuff if the house was destroyed in a fire or storm? Coverage is just a mouse click away and typically for under a dollar a day!

Coverage on Renter’s Insurance

Determining the amount of coverage that would be right for you means taking an inventory of your personal possessions, preferably with a camera or video and then writing down the cost of each item. The total value of these items and the photographs or video will be excellent if you have to make a claim. It is essential that you do not keep your inventory and photographs on your property, in case of an emergency. Keep it at a friend or relatives home or in a safety deposit box. This will ensure you do not lose this evidence if the property you’re renting is damaged.

Your Kansas renters insurance will reflect the essentials for your individual policy and that is why it is so important to know what the possessions of your home or apartment are worth. Many people are surprised when they make their inventory. If you own very expensive jewelry, a comprehensive policy may be necessary to cover these items. Once you have completed the form on RentalInsurance.org, you will be contacted by a local agent that can guide you through the best coverage for you based on what you want covered. You can also read our Resources articles to help with your inventory process.

All basic policies will protect against weather damage that is typical in Kansas, plus cover medical costs should a visitor be hurt in your rented home. As you compare costs, you can see how inexpensive and necessary it is to have Kansas rental insurance to protect your possessions.