“I lost all of my belongings in an apartment fire last year. RentalInsurance.org got me a cheap plan that covered all my stuff. I never have to worry about losing my things again!”

Veronica, New York

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Massachusetts Renters Insurance

Renters insurance is one of the smartest investments that anyone renting a condo, apartment, or rental home can make in Massachusetts. With the cost of living index much higher than the national average, renters in this state pay higher rent which can exceed a thousand dollars for a one bedroom. There are many people in Massachusetts who are opting to rent, but are not protecting their belongings in the event of a fire, theft or natural disaster. Take a look around your rental home or apartment. How expensive would it be for you to replace all of your possessions out of pocket? Renters insurance will cover everything in your place for as little as $10 a month!

Finding the right renters insurance policy for you and your family has become very easy thanks to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. In the past ten years, they have redesigned Massachusetts renters insurance law to make is affordable for everyone. Basic policies across the state include protection of all your belongings from theft, fire, wind, ice, hail, breaking pipes, and liability coverage in case a visitor gets physically hurt in your dwelling.

By entering your zip code and information in our short form, you will get free quotes from agents in your area. In Boston, an average renter’s policy includes up to $30,000 in total possessions and $100,000 in liability for about $.50 a day or $15 a month! Renters in Cape Cod can add hurricane and flood insurance at a very small rate, and if you have certain higher cost items like jewelry, furs, or antiques, you can add comprehensive coverage. Those who rent, whether it is an apartment, condo, or home need to take into consideration that sometimes bad things just happen. Being prepared with a rental insurance policy will ensure you can get on with your life in the event of a catastrophe.

Inventorying the possessions you have accumulated over time is the best way to determine how much renters insurance coverage you need. It is smart to take a video or photographs of your possessions, which will speed up the reimbursement process. A policy can be created specifically for you and your need. Get a free quote today and see inexpensive peace of mind can be.