“I lost all of my belongings in an apartment fire last year. RentalInsurance.org got me a cheap plan that covered all my stuff. I never have to worry about losing my things again!”

Veronica, New York

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New Jersey Renters Insurance

New Jersey is one of the most densely populated states in the US, and many of the over 8 million residents are renters. Though homeowners have a homeowners policy to cover damage to their property, tenants have often had the misconception that their possession were covered under their landlord’s homeowners policy. This could not be further from the truth. Up until recently there was no insurance for renters. In the past decade, the New Jersey Department of Insurance has worked hard to make New Jersey renters insurance available so renters would have protection for their belongings in case of a disaster.

Despite the fact that New Jersey has a high cost of living and the highest property taxes in the nation, they also have some of the most inexpensive renters insurance. There is no reason for tenants of New Jersey not to have renters insurance. For people who rent an apartment, condo, or rental home, it is necessary to protect their belongings from weather damage, fire, or theft. Another benefit to having a renters insurance policy is having rental liability insurance which is included in most plans. Having liability insurance included in your coverage will protect you against a lawsuit or medical bills if a visitor is injured in your rental home. Unfortunately, most tenants are unaware of how easy and affordable this type of insurance is. For as little as $10 a month, you can cover the contents of your home. Enter your zip code above and complete our short for to receive free, no obligation quotes today!

Basic New Jersey renters insurance for covers the actual cost value of your possessions, which means that your insurance will pay whatever the cost was at the time of the claim. With Hurricane Irene going right through New Jersey, you might need to obtain additional coverage for hurricanes and flooding. By slightly upgrading the policy to the next level, your possessions will be covered at full replacement value at today’s cost. The comprehensive insurance plan is the most expensive but if you have high cost items like jewelry, furs, and tech equipment this would be the coverage for you. There are three types of tenants insurance to meet your varied needs. Get a free quote today and find out which plan is the best for you.

Each New Jersey renters insurance plan includes temporary housing and incidentals if your apartment or condo gets damaged. These costs would be insurmountable for most individuals facing a catastrophe. Renters insurance is incredibly affordable with monthly premiums typically running between $10 and $20. How can a renter today afford not to have insurance that totally covers them in case of a disaster?