“I lost all of my belongings in an apartment fire last year. RentalInsurance.org got me a cheap plan that covered all my stuff. I never have to worry about losing my things again!”

Veronica, New York

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Renters Insurance New York

Over nineteen million people reside in the state of New York, which makes it one of the most populated states in the United States. There are millions of people renting an apartment, home or condo in New York City alone, where over eight million people live. The Liberty Statue stands proudly at the entrance to the Hudson, and here the trend is to rent rather than to own. This is not just a recent preference because of the shaky economy, but it is just a preference. Unfortunately, the majority of the tenants do not know that renters insurance in New York is affordable and available to them simply by going online.

Recently Hurricanes Lee and Irene touched this state as they swept up the east coast. This was extremely unusual and many were unprepared and suffered the consequences. No one likes to think of the terrible things that can happen. Being prepared is the difference between a bad day and catastrophe. New York renters insurance is easy to obtain and very budget-friendly.

Basic renters insurance coverage will protect your belongings from:

  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Ice & Snow Damage
  • Wind Damage
  • Tornado
  • Personal Injury Liability

No one realizes all that they have until it’s gone. Don’t take your possessions for granted. Become aware of what a policy would look like for you and your family by taking an inventory. Take a look around your home. Make a list of all of your belongings that includes what you paid for those items. This list will help you determine how much coverage you need in case you lost everything. Different coverages look at the value of your possession differently. For example, Replacement Costs refers to the cost of replacing the a similar item at today’s value, while Cash Value would replace your things according to what that particular item would be worth if you tried to sell it today. It is your decision in your policy how you will be reimbursed.

This insurance covers renters in a home, condo or apartment, and most companies include personal liability coverage which protects you in legal matters should you be sued by a visitor who was hurt in your dwelling. The cost of a New York renters insurance premium will typically only run between $15 and $30 a month. If only your computer and TV were stolen, most could use help with purchasing new ones. Enter your zip above and complete the RentalInsurance.org form to get free, no obligation quotes from agents in your area!