“I lost all of my belongings in an apartment fire last year. RentalInsurance.org got me a cheap plan that covered all my stuff. I never have to worry about losing my things again!”

Veronica, New York

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Oregon Renters Insurance

Many people are attracted to the rugged outdoors of Oregon, but being prepared for unplanned circumstances is very important. Snow is a major factor every winter in the mountains and causes many accidents around homes, apartments and condos. Also, fires rage through the state during the summer months which can come very near to homes. With Oregon renters insurance so readily available, still many tenants in this state do not yet know how convenient it is to find the right policy.

Renting a condo, apartment or home in Oregon may be saving you money on a month to month basis over buying a house, but don’t neglect the proper rental property insurance for your possessions. The Oregon Department of Insurance has made it extremely easy to find a company in your area. Oregon is a beautiful state from the Pacific coastline to the mountains along the border, but unfortunately there are tragic situations that you need to be prepared for.

Landlords in many cases are required to have a homeowners policy when they purchase a home. This policy covers the structure of the home but it does not cover tenant’s possessions within the home. The cost of that insurance is incorporated into the rent of your condo, apartment or home. But the contents, your possessions, need to be covered by a separate policy that the tenant takes out in order to provide coverage for their own personal property in case of an emergency. Most tenants could never recover if something unforeseen occurred that would destroy their belongings and leave them homeless. That is why Oregon renters insurance brings peace of mind to those when they need it the most.

There are three types of coverage plans for your rented home and they are the Standard, the Broad form and the Comprehensive policies. The basic, or standard plan carries every disaster possible, except natural disasters such as tornadoes, flooding, earthquakes and hurricanes. These would be covered on the broad form, along with a higher total on your possessions. The comprehensive is more flexible and able to adjust to specific items that are more expensive and need extra coverage. Comprehensive also includes the natural disasters and all the tragedies that could occur. Renters insurance policies can be created to fit any unique circumstance and cover all of your possessions. Oregon renters insurance is incredibly inexpensive starting at only $10 a month! Enter your zip code above and complete the form to get a free, no obligation quote!