“I lost all of my belongings in an apartment fire last year. RentalInsurance.org got me a cheap plan that covered all my stuff. I never have to worry about losing my things again!”

Veronica, New York

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West Virginia Renters Insurance

Much of the state of West Virginia is rural, but Charleston and Huntington are medium-sized cities where a considerable amount of tenants live in a condo, apartment or a rented home. Renters insurance offers coverage on all your possessions including TV’s, computers, clothes and furniture. The basic policy will protect your possessions from fire, theft, wind, rain, snow and ice. Most renters insurance policies also include $100,000 in liability insurance in the event a visitor is injured on the premises and demands medical or legal fees from the tenant. If you have high priced belongings, such as jewelry, you can include additional coverage. Every renters insurance plan can be tailor fit based on your needs.

Across the United States, a large percentage of tenants do not carry this type of insurance for a number of reasons. Most of the time renters don’t know that it is available to them or think it is too expensive. The West Virginia Office of Insurance has made rental insurance more accessible and more affordable for every tenant in the state. Others assume they are included on their landlord’s homeowners plan, which is not legally permitted. In West Virginia the average rate for rental insurance is $15.50 a month, certainly a premium that is within everyone’s budget.

The first thing that a tenant should do when moving into a rented condo, apartment, or home is to get tenants insurance quotes. Enter your zip code above and complete our short form to receive free, no obligation quotes from agents in your area. If you already have renters insurance, get a free quote to see if we can beat the price you are currently paying. Typically, RentalInsurance.org can get quotes for just pennies a day! Would you be able to pay out of pocket to replace the contents of your home in the event of a disaster? There is no reason to wait any longer. One thing you can be sure of is that you can’t get insurance after the disaster has happened. You must prepare ahead of time, and an investment in renters insurance will bring you protection and peace of mind! Get quotes from agents in your West Virginia city such as Huntington.